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Customs Brokerage & Compliance

IFS stands as a top-tier customs broker, providing comprehensive customs brokerage and compliance services in Northern Ireland for over 40 years. We offer customs clearance services for air and ocean shipments, with excellent connections to customs systems and clearing goods at major ports and airports, with our dedicated vehicles linking all significant UK and Irish entry ports. See full list of customs brokerage and compliance services below:

  • Full ETSF Bond – External Temporary Storage Facility.
  • Class A Customs Warehouse.
  • AEO approved operator (EMEA equivalent of CTPAT).
  • NCTS – New Customs Transit System IFS have “Authorised Consignee Premises” certification – for receipt and discharge of T1/T2.
  • IFS head office and Vendorvillage facilities are both recognised bonded entry points for air and ocean shipments.

Choose IFS for industry-leading Customs Clearance, fiscal representation, or innovative VMI solutions – contact the best in the business.

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